Undergraduate Education 1:1 Laptop Initiative

One-to-one Laptop Initiative


Input from local schools suggests that both Windows and Macintosh platforms are used in area classrooms. Our students will be skilled in applications unique to both operating systems as well as methods of teaching that effectively and efficiently utilize technology. This skill set will provide our students with a unique advantage that will be very marketable to schools.

Students will learn how to use these new tools for teachers in EDUC-W 200 and will be expected to use them in each of their subsequent classes in the School of Education and in their field and student teaching experiences. We believe that future teachers must be well prepared to integrate technology into their classroom activities and that this laptop initiative will contribute to their preparation.

  • Will I need to purchase any specific materials as a student in the School of Education?

    When students register for EDUC-W 200 Using Computers in Education, they will be required to purchase a Mac laptop.

    Students should not purchase the laptop before they attend the first session of this class. In the event that students have extenuating circumstances and desire to purchase a laptop before the first class of EDUC W200, they must review the list of required specifications before making any purchase.

    We believe our teacher education curriculum will be enriched and that learning experiences offered to students will be improved by requiring Mac laptops. The laptops will be used in classrooms at IU South Bend; common areas such as the Schurz Library, the Education Resources Commons, and the University Grill; and in students’ homes providing easy access to information and digital tools. We believe the laptops will prepare our future teachers to represent information and facilitate learning for others in innovative ways.

  • What if I am a transfer student?

    Since the laptops will be used in almost all classes, transfer students may be expected to purchase a Mac laptop depending on how many credits they are transferring to their degree in the School of Education.  Transfer students should meet with an advisor to determine if they are required to purchase a Mac laptop.

  • When will I need to have my Mac laptop?

    Again, students should not purchase a Mac laptop until they attend the first session of EDUC-W 200 Using Computers in Education. In the event that students have extenuating circumstances and desire to purchase a laptop before the first class of EDUC-W 200, they must review the list of required specifications before making any purchase. At the first session of W200 Using Computers in Educatin, students will be given specific information about exactly what model to purchase. This class might be taken as early as the second semester of the freshmen year, or as late as the student's sophomore year.

  • Will I have access to computers before I am required to purchase a Mac laptop?
    Yes, there are several student technology centers on campus that all students can use to complete class assignments. Currently, the student technology center/computer classrooms on campus provide both Windows and Mac platforms.
  • Why a Mac laptop?

    When we considered the built-ins that come with the Mac laptop they are similar in price to other laptops without these features from other vendors. In addition, the Mac laptop will run Windows. Students will make regular use of the iSight camera and integrated wireless card. In addition, students will learn to use the tools in the iLife suite of application such as iMovie and iPhoto among others to represent information, complete reflections, and capture their own instructional competence while taking classes at IU South Bend. We will also recommend that students purchase AppleCare.

  • How can I pay for the Mac laptop?
    Some students may find that they receive high school graduation monetary gifts which might be saved to purchase their laptops. Others may find that their financial aid packages will cover the cost. If a student is eligible for financial aid and wants information about using financial aid to purchase a laptop, please contact the IU South Bend Financial Aid office at (574) 520-4357Call: (574) 520-4357.
  • Are there any other materials I will need?

    As students register for classes, they will need to purchase any required textbooks. Our bookstore is run by Barnes and Noble and a great deal of information is available at www.iusb.edu; look for a link to the bookstore in the lower-right area of the home page.  Please explore the IU South Bend website for information about the book store, the Student Activities Center, and other interesting events.


Required Specifications

To fulfill the needs of the IUSB School of Education 1:1 Laptop Initiative, students will need to ensure that the laptop they purchase meets the following requirements:

Macbook Air 11” – No DVD
i5 1.6 GHz (turbo boost to 2.7 GHz)
128 GB SSD

Macbook Air 13” w/Retina Display – No DVD
i5 1.6 GHz (turbo boost to 2.7 GHz)
128 GB SSD

MacBook Pro 13” w/Retina Display
I5 2.7 GHz (turbo boost to 3.1 GHz)
8 GB memory
256 GB SSD

Macbook Pro 15” w/Retina Display
I7 2.2 GHz Quad-core (turbo boost to 3.4 GHz)
16 GB memory
256 GB SSD
DVD/CD RW SuperDriv

You are required to have iMovie, iPhoto and Garage Band installed on your Mac. 

If you are purchasing directly from Apple, the School of Education recommends (does not require) purchasing the Applecare Protection Program.

If you have a financial aid package, please be sure to contact your financial aid counselor to be sure it covers the purchase of the laptop. Also, when you purchase, be sure to indicate you are a student to ensure that you pay the student price.

We suggest studentsorder directly from Apple's online store for IU South Bend students. Enter ZIP code 46615 in the search, click "Search", select "Indiana University South Bend", the click "Shop for Yourself".