Marsha L. Heck

Marsha L. Heck came to IU South Bend in 1997 after teaching at liberal arts colleges, and brings those experiences with interdisciplinary learning communities to her work here. With a BA in Art and Outdoor Education, an MS.Ed. in Community Counseling, and an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction: Cultural Studies, she was also a middle grades and secondary teacher, art therapist, and a substance abuse prevention and treatment professional. Marsha is committed to the transformation of individuals and communities through educational experiences that empower full self-expression. Her scholarly and creative projects address cultural inquiry and exploration through the arts and the wholeness of human experience. Representative titles of her publications and presentations include:

Imaginative inquiry and conceptual creativity: transcending boundaries in arts and humanities inquiry and production; Dispositions as habits of body, mind, and spirit: Quaker and Native American perspectives; Factors of creative conflict: caring relationships with diverse others through arts-based experiences; Using Paula Underwood’s Native American learning stories in the classroom; Museums as empowering learning laboratories: cultural capital, cultural understanding, critical thinking, and community; Educators as human rights leaders: a paradigm of praxis; Exploring Cognitive Dissonance and the Difference Gap in Multicultural Inquiry and Instruction; Interdisciplinary Inquiry Through the Arts: Educational and Social Transformation; Lesson Starters: Museum-Based, Interdisciplinary, Arts-Infused Curriculum