Giving: Funding Priorities

  • Education Scholarship Fund: We seek to raise $100,000 to support full-time and part-time teacher education student scholarships at the graduate and undergraduate level. This would afford us the opportunity to give two $2,225 scholarships – one to a graduate Transition-to-Teaching student and one to an undergraduate teacher education student.
  • Counseling and Educational Leadership Program Scholarships: We seek to raise $100,000 to support graduate students in counseling and educational leadership programs. Candidates must express a commitment to working in the region.

Strengthening P–12 Schools

  • School-University Partnerships to Improve K-12 Student Achievement: We seek to raise $100,000 to support summer school offerings at low-achieving schools in South Bend and Elkhart for the next two years.
  • Advancing Multicultural Early Childhood Education: We seek to raise $50,000 to start a speaker series to advance early childhood education for diverse young children in our community.

Serving Community Mental Health Needs

The Counseling & Human Services Counseling Clinic seeks to raise $150,000 to support operational costs for the next five years. The clinic provides affordable counseling services to members of the immediate community.

Total Funding Priorities: $1.5 Million

For more information on how to support these initiatives, please contact Interim Dean Hope Davis at or 574-520-4546