Department of Counseling and Human Services

Department of Counseling and Human Services

Counselors seek to help others. They help people explore feelings, thoughts, and concerns to examine options and to assist in achieving personal goals.

The academic programs within the Department of Counseling and Human services aim to prepare knowledgeable, ethical, and multiculturally competent counselors. Counselors who will go on to serve our schools and communities.

Resources for Students & Field Supervisors

IU South Bend graduate counseling student receives Elkhart Education Foundation’s Extra-Curricular Grant

School Counseling student Cyndi Troyer ’20 wrote a grant proposal for her G550 School Counseling internship course taught by Dr. Yvonne Larrier. Now, her major class grant writing project is becoming a reality as she leads the “Student Ambassadors for the Merger and Transition” grant. This program is designed to provide social and emotional support for high school students as Elkhart Central High School and Elkhart Memorial High School merge.

Through innovative and student-led programming, the grant will empower students to use their voices, build community, and develop social-emotional skills to create supportive and inclusive environments.

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Alcohol and Drug Counseling Certificate Program

The graduate certificate degree program in alcohol and drug counseling admits students on a continual basis. This program was first launched in Fall of 2009 and was designed to meet the needs of an increasingly large population of persons in need of substance abuse treatment. Courses in the program are small and you will get lots of hands on training and experience as you develop your counseling skills.

Certificate Program Details

Licensure Patches

Lastly, the CHS department licensure patches are designed to assist practicing professionals to attain further training and meet career goals. Our licensure patches assist students in fulfilling educational requirements to become licensed in the areas of school counseling, clinical mental health counseling, and addictions counseling in Indiana. The patches were created for practitioners who desire to change their career focus as well as those counselors who are relocating from out of state and need assistance with state license transfer.

Licensure Patches in Detail

Explore a Minor in Counseling and Human Services

The Minor in Counseling and Human Services is offered to all undergraduates at IU South Bend. It may be of benefit to students majoring in the social sciences or programs that lead to careers requiring strong communication.

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Annual Counseling and Human Services Conference

Students can participate in the Annual Counseling and Human Services Conference, which features a luncheon, nationally known speakers, and discussion sessions. In addition, the annual networking session provides an opportunity for students to meet potential employers, gather information about local mental health service providers, and explore practicum and internship possibilities.