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The School of Education is home to more than 400 undergraduate and 140 graduate students. Our students collaborate, embrace the unknown, challenge themselves, and grow into tomorrow’s educators, counselors, and visionaries who will go on to serve Michiana, the nation, and the world.

Approximately 70% of our graduates go on to work and live in St. Joseph/Elkhart counties. Join our team in helping shape the future of our region!

Welcome Message from Dean Hope Smith Davis

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Alumni Spotlight: Making E-Learning Culturally Responsive and Accessible

“I am looking into ways to use cultural responsiveness throughout my scholars' eLearning.” From Google Hangouts to Tik Tok, “this is a time for creativity and uniqueness to really be released.”

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Exploring place-based learning—take a ‘wonder walk’ with Dr. Hebert!

Learn more about emerging best practices in place-based learning! Join Dr. Terri Hebert on a “wonder walk” to explore the numerous benefits of learning outside. Use Dr. Hebert’s guide (below) and go on your own wondering adventure!

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Best Semester Ever: Learn Growth Mindset!

We are always learning and growing, but we often think we “can’t” do something whether that be math, public speaking, or even juggling! Well, Professor Sullivan is here with a message—“if it’s a skill, it can be built!”

Check out this workshop from Professor Sullivan below (Click slide show, then “from beginning”):

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IU South Bend education and counseling programs are nationally accredited through CAEP and CACREP. Our graduates consistently meet and exceed Indiana state licensure requirements. In addition, we continually evaluate and work to expand our programs to respond to the needs of our changing community and world.

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Giving to the School of Education

Cost is often the biggest barrier that potential educators face when pursuing a degree. To help our education students continue their studies and graduate, in 2018, more than $28,000 in merit and financial based awards were distributed to our students.

You can help ensure the future of our local schools and communities by contributing to our various scholarship funds.

Learn more about our funding priorities and how you can make a difference!

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