Yvonne Larrier

Dr. Larrier’s passion for counseling and specifically school counseling is contagious! Her longstanding persistent advocacy and leadership as a practitioner-scholar inspires her to utilize every opportunity to promote the ideologies and theories of a comprehensive school counseling program.

Dr. Larrier firmly believes that, “School counseling cannot be done in isolation.”

The practice of school counseling is the central theme of Dr. Larrier’s research agenda, with particular interest in the following areas:

- The role and function of school counselors
- School counseling in the Caribbean and other developing countries
- The role of school counselors in the childhood obesity epidemic
- Counselor education and supervision
- The role of distance education in counselor education training
- Counselor education pedagogy


  • Ph.D. Psychology-specialization in Educational Psychology (2006)
  • Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Dissertation: Factors Impacting the Successful Implementation of Comprehensive School Counseling Programs (CSCP) in Elementary Schools in a Large Urban School System in the Greater Atlanta, Georgia, Metropolitan Area.
  • P.P.S Pupil Personnel Svcs Credential/School Counseling Credential (1997)
  • California State University- San Bernardino, California
  • M.A. Community Counseling/Mental Health (1992)
  • Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan
  • B.S.W. Social Work (1990)
  • Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan


  • Associate Professor of Counseling and Human Services, IU South Bend
  • Founder and Director, The Global Center for School Counseling Outcomes Research,
  • Evaluation and Development (GCSCORED)
  • Clinical Director, PSE Counseling & Consulting Services, Inc.
  • Program Development/Training Consultant- local school systems
  • Director, Veritas Academy School Counseling Program (University-School Partnership)


  • Fulbright Scholar Program-Recommended
  • Grant Recipient- over $50,000
  • Published several peer-reviewed articles
  • Member of the Editorial Board of several publications
  • Presenter at numerous local, regional, state, national and international conferences


  • Licensed Professional Counselor-Georgia
  • Nationally Certified School Counselor
  • Nationally Certified Counselor
  • American School Counselors Association
  • American Counseling Association
  • American Education Research Association
  • Indiana School Counselors Association


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