Department of Professional Educational Services

Department of Professional Educational Services

PES_Spring_2019_photoThe Department of Professional Educational Services at Indiana University South Bend provides certificate, licensure and degree programs in Educational Leadership and houses the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER) courses, and EDUC-U 100 Threshold Seminars.

Programs in Educational Leadership

Master of Science in Educational Leadership

The Educational Leadership program prepares individuals to obtain an Indiana principal's license. Extensive field experiences, authentic learning, and problem-solving exercises are integrated into each course. The program prepares candidates for the rigorous state licensing exam and the expectations associated with leadership positions in P-12 schools. The Educational Leadership program has been nationally recognized by Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC).

P-12 Building Level Administrator Certificate Program

Individuals with a Master of Science in Education from an accredited institution may earned their principal’s license by completing the Graduate Certification Program in P-12 Building Level Administrator.

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